One of the most common research chemical available by our company is 4-CEC. It has the chemical full chemical name of 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-ethylamino-propan-1-one, and the chemical formula is C11H14ClND. 4-CEC has a molar mass of 211.08 g/mol. Like most legal powder, this powder comes to our shoppers in a white crystal form. It can then be ground and digested by mouth as party pills. It is a safer stimulant or psychedelic than the stimulant 4-MEC. When ordered from our agency, we can promise its purity to be at least 99.9%. Our agency takes pride in the research chemicals we offer and strive to be y our go to vendor for each of the powders you purchase. We even offer the choice to order a smaller sample size for purchase if you are not willing to commit to a larger quantity at this time. Each of the powders we offer for sale also come with a replacement promise if you are not satisfied with the caliber of any purchase you decided to buy research chemicals online from our agency.

If you are a shopper interested in obtaining 4-CEC, one of the top places is to look for an online vendor to meet your needs. Using online vendors for yourlegal bath salts needs will help lesson time than other choices for purchasing powders as well as the ability to save money. Shopping online also adds the benefit of added privacy when completing your purchases. When selecting a research chemical supplier, it is important to research the agency to ensure they offer the standard of product they are promising with your order. Our agency promises with every legal bath salts you purchase from us you get the leading caliber product possible on the market. You should be assured when you order legal powder online from any vendor, and our agency can offer you a replacement of any product you are not delighted with the quality of.

If you are in the market to place an order with a wholesale research chemical supplier our agency offers large order choices at discount-pricing. We can offer our legal powders to be shipped to the UK, EU, and the USA. Each of our online shoppers are promised to receive their order in as timely of a manner as possible. Paypalis one choice for payment, but may require you to divulge extra information than the choice to pay by credit card which will offer an added layer of privacy assurance. We also ensure parcels are shipped as discreetly as possible for every one of our shoppers orders. An additional feature to insure your parcel is available, if you are concerned with the parcel being disfigured or misplaced in transit once it leaves our shipping department.

If you are in the market to buy 4-CEC, our client services department is ready to answer any questions you may have. We offer the highest standard of powders on the market, with the most generous replacement promise offered. Our agency’s team can help to confront any worries you have about the confidentiality of your payment and security of your investment. 


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